3D scanning of the Zhong Hua hotel in Sopot

3D scanning of the Chinese hotel Zhong Hua, located on the beach in Sopot, was made. It is one of the most recognizable Sopot facilities. It is located in the very center of the city (300 meters from the Sopot Pier and 400 meters from Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street) and offers guests private access to the sea. The interiors of the hotel are decorated with original Chinese furniture, according to the ancient knowledge of feng-shui. One of the four segments of the building is the White Marlin restaurant. The building was built in 1907 according to the design of Paul Puchműller. Initially, he served as the Southern Baths. In 1994-95, it was extended by the Min-Hoong company for the needs of the Hotel.

The obtained data was used to reconstruct the 2D building documentation. It is necessary when planning a hotel modernization. The laser scanning technology made it possible to make the necessary measurements without interruption of the hotel and the restaurant located in the same building. It took 7 days to scan the entire object. 666 scanner stations were made.

Usable area: 3 846 m2

Cubature: 9 800 m3


  • No impact of the scan on the operation of the hotel;
  • Accuracy of development +/- 5 mm;
  • Ability to perform virtual inspections without leaving your office;
  • WebShare – high resolution panoramic scenes.
Hotel Chiński ReCap Nowy_6