3D scanning of cruise ship Aida Diva

The aim of the AIDA Diva laser scanning was to obtain a detailed point cloud. Data from 3D scanning of the ship’s engine room and other rooms allowed the redesign of the fuel system, which eliminates cruise ship emissions, making this ship more ecological. It is extremely important to have data that is current, clear and allows trouble-free and collision-free retrofit design.

Characteristic data:

  • Length / width of the ship: 252 m / 38 m
  • Number of positions: 275 in color and in shades of gray
  • Working time: 4 days
  • Final product: colorful point cloud, Recap RealView, scene2go


  • fast time to get spatial data;
  • precise 3D data;
  • saves time and money by eliminating design errors (collisions)
  • no additional inspections required on board
Aida Diva
Aida Diva 2
Aida Diva 3