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Reverse engineering is a process that has become an indispensable stage in many manufacturing companies. Reverse engineering uses 3D precision scanning technology to reproduce a digital model based on a physically existing detail.

In our work we use:

  • precise Smarttech scanners in LED structured light technology with a point cloud resolution of up to 369 points / mm2 with a measuring accuracy of 0.025 mm, in accordance with the VDI / VDE standard
  • Artec Eva hand scanners with a point cloud resolution of 2 points / mm2 with a measuring accuracy of 0.3 mm
  • measuring arm with laser scanner

The acquired point cloud is processed in the specialized Geomagic Design X software into a triangle mesh (3D mesh) in the available formats STL, PLY, OBJ and ASC. Mesh models can be used in 3D printing and rapid prototyping. A well-developed mesh model is the basis for reproducing a parametric 3D CAD model.

With an accurate 3D model, you can optimize and further develop your existing detail or product. Performing quality control of the introduced changes, simulations of processes taking place in reality, were not so easy.

Reverse engineering can also apply to large facilities, i.e. industrial installations, equipment, etc. A very good example are refineries, silos, factories with production lines and steel / wooden constructions. Most of them were built 30-40 years ago. Their documentation is often outdated or scarce. With such large facilities, spatial information on all systems is a very valuable work tool.


  • Precise and high-resolution point cloud (up to 369 points / mm2).
  • MESH STL or OBJ model with real texture developed.
  • Precise surface or solid 3D model in IGS / STEP format.
  • 2D and 3D documentation, including dimensioned sections anywhere in the detail.
  • 3D model prepared for static and dynamic calculations.
  • Color deviation map – 3D quality control report – comparison of the CAD model with the measured detail.