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We carry out comprehensive inventories using 3D laser scanning and GPR. 3D scanning extremely speeds up the inventory process of even the most demanding historic buildings and industrial applications. The obtained point cloud is characterized by very high detail and precision that meets the expectations of the most demanding investors and conservators.

The preparation of architectural documentation or development of intelligent 3D models (BIM), created on the basis of 3D scans. In the case of implementation documentation 2D, point cloud or previously created 3D model,  intersects the planes, give accurate plans and required sections.


TIME – laser scanning is several times faster than traditional inventory techniques

DETAIL AND ACCURACY – laser scanning provides full 3D information of the object, rather than individual points

SAVINGS – time and completeness of data translates into lower costs of project

ADDITIONAL ANALYSIS – completeness is always possible to perform additional spatial analysis, without re-scanning 3D


  • executive documentation designed reinforcing elements construction and installation of new systems
  • floor plans, sections of buildings, public buildings, industrial, historical, etc.
  • plans the facade of historic buildings
  • conservation documentation
  • inventory of industrial plants, engineering facilities
  • spatial analysis: verticality, deflections, visibility of objects