By using three measurement technologies, ie. laser scanning, optical scanning and the UAV, we can offer you a comprehensive 3D modeling of miniature components up to large-size objects to which access is limited.

Made by us 3D models from 3D scan, you can read in all professional programs for processing, 3D visualization, without problems.


  • Rapid prototyping optimizing the model to reduce time for the production of detail
  • 3D Printing – implementation of product sales, the creation of 3D mockups
  • Recreate documentation 2D and 3D
  • Reverse engineering – reconstruction of the geometry of the object in a digital world
  • Visualization and animation object or detail
  • Creating a virtual 3D presentations
  • Restore 3D model space for the purposes of decision-making – to develop the project with minimal risk of collision
  • The calculation of static and dynamic steel structures

and many others…

Final product:

  • solid and surface 3D models
  • 3D models extensions igs / stp / dwg / v / sat / rvt
  • 3D models prepared for advanced stress analysis
  • 3D models ready for 3D printing

We encourage you to read the specific cases of areas where 3D scanning is used. If you want to use our services in their projects, please contact us. Each question carefully analyze with you in order to find the most efficient solution.