BWTS and SOx scrubbing systems implemetations

15_12_20_Statek_ER-1Major modifications in machinery spaces required by international regulations concerning ballast water mangment and exhaust gas scrubbing systems. Implemetation of  those both retrofittings require significant changes in arrangement and if they need to be succesfull the total ingerention into existing systems should be reduced to needful minimum.

Using 3D scanning technology, the precise tool which we are armed with, we are able to optimize „cost-functionality” criterium of this kind of retrofittings.

Design based on point cloud is highly accurate and effective, once prepared machinery point cloud model can be succesfully used at every stage of retrofit – the feasibility study, concept design and final detail design. Also it is valuable in As-built model for futher modifications.

Machinery spaces modifications

There is also a wide range of retrofittings, which do not require such large modifications like BWTS or scrubbing water system. Lot of them could be proceeded even directly on board during ship cruise.

This kind of modifications should be implemented quickly and efficiently. Design team, equiped with 3d lasser scanning technology, is able to proceed whole design process very effectively and with minimum crew involvement. The number of surveys is highly reduced and after them project team receive complete input data to proceed further design.

Inventory and remanent study

Nowadays more often shipowners receive detail 3d-model of theirs new-buildings, which is very valueable as as-built documentation element. Previous realizataions unfortunettly usually did not have such type of interactiv model documentation. 3D lasser scanning technology is the best way to make up this situation and proceed fully functionality remanent studies to prepare 3d model consisting inventoried elements like pipelines or structurals.


Photographic documentation is major content of inspection vessel library, but the single picture can not fully register inspected spaces.  Preparing photo documentation by using 3d laser scanner completly change the meaning by improve the quality of vessel single inspection. 360-degree images and map of scanning positions create by simply way a compact survey package easy to use in any place and by everyone.