We offer comprehensive, versatile and innovative measurement solutions in 3D technology around the world. We use the latest measuring systems, specialized software, knowledge and experience of our engineers. We cooperate with research centers in Poland, companies in the USA and Norway, to develop new and improved measurement systems and modern intelligent software.

We offer:

  • 3D scanning optical scanners SMARTTECH with an accuracy of 20 .mu.m for the purpose of reverse engineering and quality control
  • 3D scanning scanner Faro Focus x130 to perform an inventory of industrial, architectural and historic
  • 3D scanning in the maritime industry for the design or creation of smart 3D models

With the knowledge, experience, specialized software company Autodesk, and Geomagic, we specialize in:

  • quality control in the industry, including the preparation of technical reports with 3D PDF

  • reverse engineering, the scanned detail develop a 3D model MESH, 3D model AutoSurface and parametric model
  • intelligent 3D modeling of industrial facilities
  • Ship design engineering
  • 3D modeling in BIM
  • development of 2D documentation from an 3D inventory of the architectural
  • visualization and animation of 3D models

scan 3D is an authorized 3D measurements in Pomerania, a Polish manufacturer of optical scanners SMARTTECH. We provide comprehensive technical support in choosing the right 3D scanners and software Geomagic, technical assistance, installation and maintenance as well as training adapted to the specifics of your work.

3D scan focuses on innovation and constant professional development of our engineers. As a result, we can provide services 3D scanning at the highest level.

We invite you to cooperation!