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Our Offer

We offer comprehensive and innovative 3D measurement solutions worldwide. We use the latest measurement systems, specialised software, knowledge and experience of our engineers. We cooperate with scientific centres in Poland to develop new and improved measurement systems and to solve the most difficult projects.

Acquisition of Spatial Data

3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning is a modern and non-contact spatial measurement technique. It records a huge amount of data in a short time and with high accuracy. Thanks to the laser light beam emitted by the scanner, it is possible to quickly obtain data about the object under examination, such as shape, dimensions, and geometry.

NavVis VLX – point cloud with 6 mm accuracy for today? Only in SCAN3D

It is a technological revolution distinguished by the unprecedented speed in mapping large spaces, combined with excellent precision. How does it work? For example, an area of 5,500 m2 can be scanned in less than an hour, with postprocessing taking 6h.

Photogrammetric Measurements – from ground, from a drone

Photogrammetry makes it possible to quickly and accurately convert object data into complete and realistic 3D models. We extract data from 2D digital photographs. We carry out photogrammetric measurements so that you can obtain a precise and fully up-to-date representation of objects with a large area or complex geometry in relation to reality.

2D, 3D Georadar (GPR) Survey

We offer GPR services with a measurement accuracy of a few centimetres. These will provide you with the underground infrastructure data you need to ensure the safety of your construction, survey or inventory work.

3D Precision Scanning

We know how important precision is when it comes to details, especially when they affect the operation of machinery and the safety of people or condition the preservation of local cultural heritage. In such cases, it is essential to catch the smallest deviations and reproduce the original in detail in the digital copy.

Data processing

3D Point Cloud

A point cloud is the basic result of a 3D laser scanning process or photo processing in photogrammetric survey technology. It provides us with a starting point for all further developments.

MESH Models

MESH models are collections of vertices, edges and walls that define the shape of a spatial object. Walls typically consist of triangles, quadrilaterals or other simple polygons.

Architectural Documentation from 3D Scanning

Architectural documentation from 3D scanning is an increasingly common tool used by investors in design work.

3D BIM Modeling

3D BIM modelling enables you to effectively manage your facility and optimise the cost of your investment at every stage - from design to use to retrofit.

3D Virtual Walks

3D virtual walks allow you to visit a facility without having to physically be there. They also allow the data obtained through visualisation to be analysed.


3D Scanning for Marine industry & Offshore

We are able to quickly and very accurately measure all the necessary components and equipment required for the project work, without stopping the unit or interfering with the crew's task mode.

3D Digitisation of the museum – Digital Museum

The 3D digitisation of the collections enables 3D objects to be published on the internet, and exhibits to be researched and fully documented.

Facility Management

Facility Management is digital and mobile facility management. We specialise in adapting 2D and 3D BIM documentation to the FM digital platform.

Digital Factory / Industry 4.0

3D digitalisation of assets is the first step to creating an intelligent manufacturing environment that is fully connected, operates autonomously and self-optimises. This effectively reduces costs, increases competitiveness and creates new products without expanding the infrastructure.

Reverse Engineering

Using 3D scanning takes us in the opposite direction to the standard in engineering - that is, from product to design. With it, we are able to reproduce 2D documentation and create 3D models of detail or an entire product based on a digital version of the object.

2D/3D – 4D Inspections – 4D

By inspections, we mean all ways of documenting reality that describes its state at a given moment in time.

Metaverse/nft – vr/ar

Everything we see in the real world can be transferred to the virtual world. We navigate through it from an app on a smartphone or with the help of simulation equipment. At SCAN 3D, we use a range of 3D laser scanning products (3D BIM models, 3D MESH models, point clouds) to create digital representations of real objects.


Our team consists of experienced and qualified engineers. Using state-of-the-art 3D scanners, specialised software and, above all, knowledge, we provide services of the highest standard.