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3D Precision Scanning

We know how important precision in details is, especially when they affect the operation of machines and the safety of people or condition the preservation of local cultural heritage. In such cases, it is important to catch the smallest deviations and reproduce the original in a digital copy. That is why offer 3D scanning services with an accuracy of 0,2 mm. Control the quality, optimize production, eliminate losses and use accurate 3D models of details in your projects.

3D Precision Scanning - description of the technology

Precision scanning uses all advantages of 3D laser scanning to provide insight into production components or historic exhibits.  Such a level of analytical insight would be different to achieve otherwise. Quick measurement of data necessary to reproduce the details of a given element in a 3D model is a service particularly helpful in automotive, transport, museum, industrial sector, mechanical, engineering and, above all, quality control.

What do you get with precision scanning technology?

In industry and production:

  • Ability to analyze subsequent batches of products.
  • Verification of mould wear rate.
  • Ability to control detail wear during use.
  • Calculation of any geometric deviations.
  • Ability to recreate the 3D model

In museology, monument protection:

  • Faithful preservation of the digital geometry of the scanned object, monument, or exhibit.
  • Ability to analyze digitized objects.
  • Creating replicas using 3D printing.
  • Free sharing of 3D models on the Internet.

Examples of applications of precise 3D scanners

  • Design and optimization of casting moulds based on standard elements.
  • Documenting works of art and monuments.
  • Creating CAD models of worn parts or components of machines and devices that do not have documentation.
  • Reconstruction of damaged part fragments.
  • Comparison of the manufactured components with CAD model or another part of a given type.
  • Control of the first piece in the series of elements produced.
  • Verification of the thickness of construction material.
  • Verification of components wear.
  • Analysis of assemblies of parts operating with each other within a given device.
  • Inspection of gaps and angles.
  • Parts clamping control.

The final products of 3D precision scanning that you will order from us:

  • raw point clouds,
  • MESH models,
  • parametric CAD models.

Do you need a 3D Precision Scanning?

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