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3D BIM Modeling

3D BIM modelling enables you to effectively manage facilities and optimize investment costs at every stage – from design, through exploitation, to modernization. It ensures minimalization of risk and design mistakes. It automates the generation of information and documentation (plans, sections, projections and installations). It enables precise spatial analysis and visualization of a combination of various solutions.  3D BIM models provide all industry professionals with fully up-to-date data. Comprehensive knowledge about the facility closed in one 3D model means savings and profits in one. What do we offer as part of 3D BIM modelling?

3D BIM modeling – technology description

The BIM model is a three-dimensional representation of an object. In addition to reproducing the volume of the building, it contains additional information and parameters. This data constitutes a base knowledge about this object and allow us to carry out analyzes of its numerous parameters during its use. The product obtained as part of 3D BIM modelling:

  • Allows you to create lists and calculations for structural and installation elements of buildings.
  • Allows you to perform simulations and virtual presentation of the object
  • Improves data update after modernizations.
  • It becomes an excellent environment for cross-industry information exchange.

How we process the data?

In 3D BIM modelling, the design base is a point cloud. We acquire it during 3D laser scanning. 3D BIM modelling can be also supplemented with 2D documentation (depending on the detail of the 3D model selected by the client). In many of our projects, we supplement data collected by 3D laser scanning with photogrammetric measurements. Combining both methods ensures the most precise representation of the object. These technologies are especially valuable in the case of high buildings or those without access to the roof from which data could be collected. The basis for 3D BIM modelling can also be archival or design documentation provided by the client.

Products that you order form us

We perform 3D BIM modelling in Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD Plant 3D, CADMATIC and PDMS software. We generate projections and sections from anywhere in the model. The finished product can be exported to open file format with the .ifc extension, with a set of properties agreed with the client.

Choose you 3D BIM model depending on level of detail

The cost of creating a 3D BIM model and the time of order completion depends on the level of geometric and informational accuracy expected by the client. Before starting work, we consult details choices with the client. We analyze investment needs and present opportunities. In 3D BIM modelling, we rely on two basic levels of detail:


Level 1 – based on LOD200

  • Represent the basic, simplified geometry of the object.
  • The model contains the main structural elements.
  • Window and door joinery is presented in a basic form.
  • Does not contain architectural details.
  • Application: BIM model developed in this variant will work as a design base, base material for reconstruction or as an initial architectural concept.

Level 2 – based on LOD 300/350

  • Captures advanced geometry of the object.
  • Contains architectural details.
  • Contains structures of all sizes.
  • Application: a detailed 3D BIM model is used to create construction projects, arrangements and preparation of inventory documentation.

Choose 3D BIM modeling

Use full and up-to-date data about your facility at every stage of your investment management. Order the BIM model in SCAN3D or contact us to choose the best solution for you.

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