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3D Virtual Walks

3D Virtual walks allow you to visit the facility without the need to be physically inside it. They also allow you to analyze data obtained through visualization. In SCAN3D, we create Virtual walks as an independent service, as well as a supplement to other products from the offer. We apply various tools. Therefore, we can prepare many variants of the product, corresponding to the client’s needs.

3D Virtual Walks – technology description

3D Virtual Walks were created to popularize and show the aesthetic values of famous objects. Currently, in addition to popularizing cultural heritage, they are a valuable navigational and informational tool. They are also a carrier for additional data for many industries: architecture, archaeology, construction, entertainment and industry.

How will you benefit from it?

  • We create virtual business cards of museums, historic and cultural objects or other tourist attractions. Thanks to them, users learn about the history of the object, the collections made available, as well as the architecture of the building itself.
  • We also develop the product as technical expertise for industrial facilities. It is a perfect supplement to delivered point cloud.
  • 3D Virtual Walks are effective inspection tools. The condition of the object recorder on them can be analyzed in terms of the progress of works and compliance with to design.
  • Regardless of industry, 3D virtual walks improve the work of project teams located far from each other. Thanks to the ease and intuitiveness of service, they are valuable support during coordination meetings, project consultations, etc.
  • This tool is willingly used by designers as well. While working on a point cloud they can analyze the object from the point of view of the observer.

How do we obtain data?

We have extensive hardware resources, thanks to which we accurately respond to the expectations of each project. We create a 3D Virtual Walk using:

  • Matterport PRO 2 cameras,
  • Faro laser scanners,
  • Leica RTC,
  • Navvis VLX mobile scanner,
  • Digital cameras with heads for 360° panoramas,
  • Drones

The process of acquiring data for each of the devices is similar. First, we plan the whole walk, and then we collect the data. Depending on a specific project, we can acquire only 360° panoramas (digital cameras) or use those obtained “by the way” of 3D laser scanning (FARO, NavVis). We also create Virtual Walk independent of the scanning process (Matterport).

Which product variants made for you?

We provide 3D Virtual Walks online or offline. We always deliver material in the optimal variant for client needs. What do we offer?


This type of Virtual Walk is created during mobile laser scanning with NavVis VLX. This solution works only online. We provide it with the point cloud. The product itself gives great possibilities for further expansion – adding descriptions, POI, and internal navigation around the facility. The project is maintained on the server as long as the subscription is paid for it.


This tool is perfect for the inspection of the progress of works, as well as in industry or construction, where projects require quick and easy access to the facility. We provide 3D Virtual Walks in the form of links to the project. This visualization works only online. Anyone with a link and password can use the walk without having to download it to their own computer. The project is maintained on the server as long as subscription is paid for it.

FARO – Webshare (online), scene2Go (offline)

These are 3D Virtual Walks, that are created during 3D laser scanning of objects. 360° panoramas follow the scanner's positions. In the offline version, the product can be transferred to the client and copied any number of times. When we are online, you just need to use the link we received.


Connection of data from 3D scanning with any laser scanners, i.e. Faro, Leica, Z+F, Trimble and NavVis as well as spherical cameras. All in one virtual walk.

Leica TruView

Leica TruView is the industry leader for easily and intuitively sharing point cloud data, design models, mark-ups, and more. Leica TruView products are the smarter way for anyone in your project ecosystem to access, view, analyse and collaborate using digital reality data.

Virtual tour on the website

Comfortable 3D walk through museums, churches, and architectural monuments without leaving home. We place the full products with navigation on the client’s website. With this type of solution, we always care about the visual and graphic side of the product.

Interested in virtual walks?

What kind of product can we prepare for your investment? Contact us and choose solutions