3D scanning of yacht in Puck

3D scanning was used to faithfully reconstruct the yacht’s hull geometry along with the stiffening structure from the inside. Thanks to the precise point cloud, a 3D mesh model was made, which faithfully shows existing defects, deficiencies and major damage. The next step was to recreate the CAD model that will be used for new interior design and hydrostatic calculations.

Characteristic data:

  • Length / width of the ship: 13 m / 3.6 m;
  • Number of positions: 30 in color
  • 3D scanning time: 3 hours
  • 3D model recovery time: 4 business days
  • End product: color point cloud, Recap RealView, scene2go, mesh model STL and OBJ, model CAD STP


  • fast time to get spatial data;
  • precise 3D data;
  • saves time and money;
  • no additional inspections required on board.
Puck Jacht
Puck Jacht