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3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning is a modern and non-contact spatial measurement technique. It records a huge amount of data in a short time and with high accuracy. Thanks to the beam of laser light emitted by the scanner, you can quickly obtain data about the object under examination, such as shape, dimensions and geometry. Thanks to the built-in camera, we additionally obtain information about colour.  The result of laser scanning is a dense cloud of points that recreate the measured space. It could be the raw end product of 3D laser scanning or be just the basis for further data processing. Choose a variant for your investment.

3D laser scanning – technology application

Precision, range and rapid generation of a huge database for further processing mean that more and more industries use 3D laser scanning. From archaeology, through architecture, construction, film industry, and forensics, to medicine, automotive, industry and many other fields. Three-dimensional data recording allows the creation of, among others: Digital Twin, Virtual walk, prototypes of products or machines for tests and quality control, inventory of objects or installation design. It is also a starting point for effective company management as part of a Digital Factory or a valuable tool in the design or modernization of units in the Marine & Offshore industry.

Types of the 3D scanners

We treat the needs of our clients as a priority. We select measuring equipment for each investment so that it meets all their expectations. A scanner can be divided due to the speed of operation and measurement accuracy. We perform 3D laser scanning using the following hardware resources:

  • Faro S70 and Leica RTC360 laser scanners (+/- 1 mm)
  • NavVis VLX mobile scanner (+/- 6 mm).
  • ArtecEva optical scanners (+/- 0.1 mm).
  • Faro Arms measuring arm with a scanning cap (+/- 0.07 mm).

We select devices depending on the type of scanned object, required measurement accuracy, environmental conditions and available time to complete the task. Our experience and knowledge allow us to optimally select available devices for a given job.

3D laser scanning and photogrammetry

To acquire the most precise output data, we supplement 3D laser scanning with photogrammetric measurements. The advantage of a laser scanner is the speed of operation and vast working range. It collects data from vary large areas in a short time. The advantage of photogrammetry is obtaining the exact texture of the object in order to recreate them more realistically in a 3D model. It also allows you to supplement “black holes”, i.e., places where the 3D scanner could not reach with its measurement.

How do we process data form 3D laser scanning?

Faro Scene, Leica Cyclone

We develop point clouds in Faro Scene and Leica Cyclone. These are tools with which we can give individual scans specific colours and combine them into larger compositions. These programmes allow us to export material in multiple file formats, as well as create virtual walks.

Revit, AutoCAD Plant 3D, ArchiCAD, Cadmatic, PDMS

After 3D laser scanning, we carry out further processing of the data using various programs used in the industry. We choose them depending on the specifications and needs of a given project. We use the above tools to recreate 2D and 3D documentation and 3D BIM modelling.

Which 3D laser scanning end product we offer?

The resulting products of the 3D laser scanning process are:

  • Coloured or grayscale point clouds:
    • in the local or national coordinate system,
    • as measurement based on checkpoints or Cloud2Cloud,
    • in the following formats: XYZ, e57, RCS/RCP, PTS, PTX, POD, LAS, LAZ and others.
  • Orthophotos
  • Virtual walks 3D with the possibility of spatial measurement
    • Faro Webshare, scene2go,
    • NavVis Ivion,
    • Benaco

Point clouds are the basis for the execution of:

  • 2D documentation, e.g., projections, sections, elevation drawings.
  • 3D models, e.g., CAD models, BIM models, MESH models.
  • Visualization and animation.

Tell us what you need, and together we will choose the best solutions.

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