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MESH Models

If you need a vector representation of space or objects of irregular shapes and huge accumulations of details, choose MESH models. These are photorealistic models delivered in the form of a dense mesh of triangles. Thanks to them you will get the real texture along with full knowledge of its geometry. Where is it with to use them? What can you gain from it? Check-in SCAN3D.

Mesh model of buildings in Pyrzyce

MESH models – product description

By definition, MESH models are collections of vertices, edges and faces that defines the shape of a spatial object. Faces typically consist of triangles, quadrilaterals or other simple polygons. 3D models in form of the MESH models are a vector form of a point cloud. Vectors are edges of polygons. The smaller the polygons, the more accurate is MESH model, but also the larger the file size. The accuracy of the model is always selected depending on the specificity of the facility and client requirements.  Individual models acquire colour and texture based on the colour of the point cloud and additional high-resolution photographs.

Mesh Model of Sowia Gora

How do we acquire data to create MESH model?

For us, MESH models are one of the products that can be generated in the extensive process of developing data from 3D laser scanning or photogrammetric measurements. The best effect is obtained when both of these methods are combined. We create MESH models directly from the point cloud. 3D laser scanning guarantees the correct geometry of the represented object, additionally taken photos “densify” the model and ensure better colour reproduction. As a result, a virtual copy is created, represented in the form of a grid of triangles.

Where are MESH models useful? Check possibilities in your sector

For industry

Models are created primarily to digitize any irregular surfaces, such as archaeological sites, excavations, unusual landforms, mines, open pits and large-scale factories. Models provide comprehensive three-dimensional information about the object. In this way, they facilitate the creation of projections or sections and planning measurement of critical points of the investment.

For culture

One of the key applications of 3D MESH models is to use them to document spatial museum collections, monuments, figures, sculptures, architectural details or entire heritage buildings. By extracting texture and generating a mesh from a coloured point cloud, we can faithfully reproduce the original objects. The technology that we use, allows both the creation of virtual museums and the digitalization of individual collections.

For surveying

Drones are now commonly used instruments in the world of surveying. They are used primarily to carry out various types of supervision, and documentation of construction infrastructure, as well as to create maps. Textured MESH models significantly improve the development of output products for this industry. We make them form the acquired photos using Reality Capture software.

Inspection, simulations

Recreating the geometry of an object’s surface is an important component of the work of engineers in the construction, transport, logistics and medical sectors. MESH models allow for the simulation of equipment at the design and modernization stage to achieve the most effective performance parameters.

Create three-dimensional reconstructions of objects with MESH models.

Each time client decides the level of detail of the model. We take into account investment needs to provide optimal material for further data processing. Contacts us and choose the best solution for you.

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