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Metaverse/nft – vr/ar

Everything, we see in real life, can be recreated in the virtual world. Then we are free to discover it via smartphone apps or dedicated goggles. In SCAN3D we use a number of 3D laser scanning products (such as 3D BIM models, 3D MESH models, and Point Clouds) to create digital representations of real objects. These assets let you create various virtual worlds such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, Metaverse, and NFT. Our product can expand the possibilities of Your business. What can we prepare for you?

AR – Virtual and Real mixed together

Augmented Reality is a fusion of digital and real elements in your sight. It allows us for enriching experiences and entertainment but more importantly, it carries the possibility to improve the processes of many industries-related work. What does extending the work by 3D models give?

  • Stimulates the development of effective solutions in the field of security, quality control and inspection.
  • Gives the possibility to conduct remote training, knowledge transfer, and testing products or technical solutions.
  • Our product makes it easier to rent an office surface, conduct virtual walks in museums, factories or other facilities, and see a 3D product in life-size in the e-commerce industry.

VR – Virtual reality with 3D models

Virtual Reality goes a step further than Augmented Reality. Users of VR shift fully into an alternate reality simulation based on prepared 3D models. Realistic representation of places, objects and events is crucial to evoke as many reactions and emotions from users. The role of virtual reality grows constantly, especially when we work, run a business or learn remotely.  Where have our products already proven themselves?

  • Virtual training for new employees – 3D models of factories and production lines are perfect data for conducting effective staff implementations and remote courses.
  • Specialistic training in standard conditions is a high risk such as machine operation, and simulations for pilots and the military industry.
  • Security – 3D models of specific facilities might be useful in planning and implementing evacuation routes or training rescue teams. Virtual representation of real places makes it possible to get to know objects where rescuers have never been.
  • Service works – service teams can prepare plans to reach problematic devices even without actually knowing the object, there is the possibility to help the service team by remote support operating in a 3D model.

NFT – unique value of digital token

NFT, actually a non-fungible token, is digital content bonded with a transaction register – a blockchain database. NFT represents physical or intangible assets with non-exchangeable property which is assigned to a specific user. The value of NFT and its distribution is regulated on special exchange markets in various cryptocurrencies (e.g. ETH).

  • Our services allow you to transform tangible object into a digital environment, create a unique NFT and transfer or sell it to the final owner.

Metaverse – integrated network of digital worlds

Metaverse is an endless possibility of combining different variants of virtual worlds. All of the users are co-creators of content. Metaverse is all about deepening our communication by adding another layer of feelings and capabilities. It means that you can create and cooperate on building new worlds without leaving your home. Our products – accurate 3D models – are objects that we all be using in Metaverse. It could really be everything, starting with whole buildings, factories, and ships, ending with art, museum exhibits, machines, vehicles or everyday items.

We have an all-purpose 3D model. How can we use it in Metaverse?

  • Running companies.
  • Purchasing clothes using virtual fitting rooms.
  • Participating in the cultural event all around the globe.
  • Innovation testing.
  • Conducting virtual economic exchange.

Order SCAN3D products for your virtual projects.

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