Photo 360 – visualization of exhibits of the Museum “Stacja Muzuem” in Warsaw

Together with New Amsterdam from Krakow, we took part in the project “Forgotten treasures – digitized and made available in the Muzuem Station”, which was co-financed from the Ministry of Culture and the Mazowieckie Voivodeship Self-government. The aim of the museum is to increase access to museum resources, which are located in the museum, and all thanks to free share to the Internet.

We made 360 ​​photos for 254 artistic and historical exhibits, which included, among others, uniforms, swords for the parade uniforms, railway fireman’s helmet, numerous badges (the most valuable are gold and decorated with diamonds), railway watches with images of locomotives, commemorative medals, banners of former trade unions and railwayman’s associations.
A separate group of museum exhibits consists of machines and devices used on the rail, eg a collection of telephones and telegraphic devices (the Morse telegraph from the second half of the 19th century is particularly valuable), old clocks from platforms, halls and station offices, various types of railway lamps and manual flashlights for candle, carbide and oil, mock-ups of railway stations.

Below are some examples from the project: