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3D Scanning for Marine industry & Offshore

On industrial, transport and passenger ships, there is often a need to perform repairs and modifications on an ad hoc basis, during the voyage. Usually, the appearance of new elements or a change in the location of existing components is not entered into the documentation of the unit on an ongoing basis. This is where 3D scanning comes in handy. In a quick and accurate way, we are able to measure all elements and devices necessary for design work, without stopping the operation of the unit or interfering with the crew tasks. Check out possibilities of 3D scanning for the Marine industry.

3D scanning for offshore construction and marine industry - how will you benefit?

Implementation of BWTS and SCRUBBER systems

  • Quick measurement allows for precise planning of works.
  • Reducing interference with legacy systems to a minimum.
  • Cost-performance optimization

3D Inventory

  • Obtaining comprehensive spatial data about the unit.
  • Possibility of further processing of once collected data as needed.
  • Improvement of design and modernization works.

3D Inspections

  • Efficient and detailed safety inspection.
  • Virtual site inspection.
  • Collision report, deformation studies.

Implementation of ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) and exhaust gas cleaning systems (SCRUBBER)

The creation of BWTS and SCRUBBER systems using 3D laser scanning allows for a minimum of rearrangement in the machinery space of a ship’s engine room. Design based on the point cloud generated by 3D scanning is extremely accurate and efficient. Once prepared, a point cloud of a ship’s engine room can be used at any stage of modification – from the feasibility study through to the working design. It is also a valuable element in the process of completing the transfer documentation after a completed modification. This is because adapting the systems to the new regulations will not require much interference and disruption to the vessel’s working rhythm.

3D Inventory

On the basis of the point cloud obtained by 3D laser scanning, we develop fully interactive and detailed 3D models of entire vessels. Thanks to this technology, shipowners receive a precise visualisation and documentation of their new developments, which is a very valuable component of the overall ship release documentation. 3D databases also facilitate further advanced design work on optimal systems, remote verification and testing of planned solutions, and modification of vessels.

3D Inspections

The use of a laser scanner to collect photographic documentation of a vessel as part of a ship inspection completely changes the meaning and increases the quality of the inspection performed. After all, a single photograph is not always able to fully record all relevant aspects of a visit to a vessel. Such detail and flexibility in adapting the final products to the client’s needs are provided by 3D scanning. We prepare 360 panoramas together with a map of the scanner’s position and the possibility of 3D measurements, which provides the project office with compact and practical, and above all fully metric, documentation.

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