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Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering, using 3D scanning, leads us in the opposite direction than the standard in engineering – that is, from product to project. Thanks to it, we are able to recreate 2D documentation and create 3D models of detail or the entire product based on a digital version of the product. This is especially important when we do not have technical documentation or want to minimize the cost and time of repairs, tests or implementation of elements.  In the era of Industry 4.0, reverse engineering is becoming an indispensable step in improving the production process. Lead your company in a new era of innovation with SCAN3D.

Reverse engineering - description of the technology

The starting point is 3D precision scanning. It allows us to reproduce the entire geometry of the measured detail. From a dense, high-resolution cloud of points, we create MESH models (triangle meshes). In the next step, i.e. the target reverse engineering process, we build a detailed 3D model (e.g. CAD model). For this purpose, we use specialized software that converts the grid of points into a parametric 3D model. It is the basis for further design work on components, optimisation of their design, or analysis of individual performance parameters. Based on the 3D model, we also develop 2D product documentation so that the customer has constant access to the missing data.

Jak na tym skorzystasz?

Reverse engineering has revolutionized the way many industries function. From improving everyday design and production work to optimizing investment projects. Virtual 3D models of devices or their details enable:

  • Modification and redesign of parts.
  • Restoration of castings, extrusions, cams.
  • Production of substitutes.
  • Optimization of the functioning of elements or entire products.
  • Quality control of details.
  • Comparison of the CAD model with the measured detail.
  • Prototype simulations without incurring excessive costs.
  • Supplementing or creating 2D documentation.
  • Launching the production of hand-made or non-documented components.
  • Obtaining products with complex geometry or with places that are difficult to access for other measurement techniques.
  • Reconstruction of the product from damaged, incomplete and exploited elements.
  • Development of parts consisting of small details with lots of unique details.
  • Reproduction of components that are no longer available for sale, after a production update, etc.

How do we obtain and process data?

The 3D laser scanning process, necessary for reverse engineering, is carried out using:

  • Artec Eva handheld scanners with a point cloud resolution of 2 points/mm2 and a measurement accuracy of 0.1 mm.
  • Measuring arm with laser scanning attachment.
  • NavVis VLX mobile scanner.

Point cloud obtained in 3D scanning is processed in specialized Geomagic Design X software into a mesh of triangles (MESH 3D models), in available formats *stl, *ply, *obj and *asc. Then we adapt the final products to the needs and guidelines of the client.

What products can you order from us?

Reverse engineering is a time-consuming, but extremely cost-effective and efficient process of processing spatial data. The detail of the models allows them to be freely edited for specific purposes. Among the popular output products we provide, among others:

  • Precise surface or solid 3D CAD model in *iges, *step, *.x_t formats.
  • 2D and 3D documentation, containing dimensioned cross-sections anywhere in the detail.
  • 3D model prepared for static and dynamic calculations.
  • Colour map of deviations.
  • 3D quality control report.

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