3D scanning provides a new quality of data supporting the works of architectural, industrial and design. It is currently the most effective method of obtaining spatial data.

In my work I use:

  • Faro laser scanner Focus 3D x130 ideal for 3D scanning space, architectural, industrial and large size object
  • Z+F laser scanner IMAGER 5006ex with ATEX certified, which meets all the requirements for certification for eligible equipment in potentially explosive areas
  • SMARTTECH optical scanners for quality control, reverse engineering, digitization of museum objects, where is necessary high precision and accuracy several microns
  • UAV drones to perform orthophoto, supplement the data in hard to reach places and modeling of large spaces
  • SLR Nikon D800 with photogrammetric software to perform high distribution of 3D models

                Faro_Focus_3D dual  micron

The obtained data are an ideal basis for the development of our:

  • real 3D modeling
  • inteligent 3D modeling with attributes
  • BIM – Building Information Management
  • technical documentation 2D
  • architectural documentation and conversion
  • detail engineering
  • visualization and animation
  • 3D models for 3D printing

scan 3D offer you a wide range of opportunities for obtaining and processing of spatial data. By working with the best specialists in the industry, I undertake to realize the most challenging jobs.

Feel free to get to know my offer.